The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® moves you through different states of consciousness so that you are experiencing an exercise system that feels more like recreation than obligation.

Enhancing coordination, gaining stamina, developing overall strength and flexibility, and recovering from an injury are just some of the many reasons we all exercise.  In line with more traditional types of yoga techniques, creator Juliu Horvath's aim is to bring the body, mind, and soul into union.  This ancient spiritual approach towards overall health has been focused into the emergence of an exercise system that has been created to answer the growing needs of a fast paced, dynamic culture.  It is modern day yoga for the modern day individual. 


Since most injuries occur in the joints and their surrounding structures, you might wonder why exercise systems often only concentrate on mobilizing the joints on two planes of movement.  With GYROTONIC® movement you will focus on every aspect of the joint, making them flexible, resilient, moist, and capable of easily supporting and responding to whatever activity or impact life offers.  The machine's system of pulleys and rotating disks, move the body in endless circular motions creating a more consistent and fluid flow of energy. 


Imagine a movement class that is so seamless, so pleasant, and so effortless that all you need to do is show up.  You are dynamically guided through seated, lying, and standing movements.  Before you know it, your spine is supple, your joints resilient, your muscles powerful, your mind relaxed, and your spirit energized.  Decompress your joints, shape your muscles, and stimulate your organs by means of rhythmic, harmonious movement that will leave you feeling like you just spent the day at the spa.